Important Information

Important Numbers

Beagle Watch

Beagle Watch:
(011) 678 1972
Beagle Watch Emergency:
(011) 678 2086 / (011) 476 7811

Ambulance & Fire

Ambulance and Fire:
(011) 375 5911 /
(011) 472 1599
ER24: 082 124
Netcare911:082 911
St. John's Ambulance:
(011) 403 4227/2346

Cellphone Blacklisting

Telkom Mobile:
081 180/7 (all networks)
CellC: 140 (CellC phone)
084 140 (other phones)
MTN: 808 (MTN phone)
0831 808 (other phones)
Virgin Mobile: 123
074 1000 123 (other phones)
Vodacom: 082 111 (cellphone)
082155 (data cards/modems)

City Power

City Power:
(011) 375 5555
National ShareCall:
08600ESKOM (08600 37566)
ESKOM switchboard:
(011) 800 8111

Veterinary Hospitals

Allen's Nek Veterinary Hospital:
(011) 475 0663/4
Bryanston Veterinary Hospital:
(011) 706 6023/4/5
Fourways Veterinary Hospital:
(011) 705 3411
Northwest Veterinary Hospital:
(011) 475 2833
Northview Veterinary Clinic:
(011) 678 6782
Ontdekkers Animal Hospital:
(011) 674 1195
Randpark Ridge Veterinary Hospital:
(011) 678 7526

Police Units

Crime Intelligence Unit:
(011) 986 9498
Criminal Record Centre:
(011) 986 9000
Dog Unit:
(011) 986 9000
Family Violence & Sexual Offences:
(011) 982 7774
Flying Squad: 10111 /
(011) 986 9000 /
(011) 986 9151
Fraud Unit:
(011) 932 0040
Greater Soweto Crime Prevention:
(011) 982 1008/9
Public Order Police:
(011) 986 9000
Serious and Violent Crime:
(011) 986 9000
Vehicle Identification Unit:
(011) 986 9000

Police Stations

(011) 478 9411/9441
(011) 831 7000/13/54
(011) 801 8400/8586
(011) 888 9299/33/11/91
(011) 279 6532/6412/6506
(011) 670 6300/47/98/6401

Hospitals & Clinics

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital:
(011) 933 8000
Coronation Hospital:
(011) 470 9000
Edenvale Hospital:
(011) 321 6000
Flora Clinic:
(011) 470 7777
Helen Joseph Hospital:
(011) 489 1011
Johannesburg General Hospital:
(011) 488 4911
Morningside Clinic:
(011) 783 8901
Sandton Clinic:
(011) 709 2000
Southrand Hospital:
(011) 435 0022
Sunninghill Hospital:
(011) 806 1500


Johannesburg Water:
(011) 688 1400/1528


Alarm Batteries

Alarm batteries are designed to provide backup power to the alarm and ancillary systems on an ad hoc basis. These batteries are not designed to "deep cycle" (run down and recharge on a regular basis) as can be the case with load shedding.

Alarm batteries have a life span of approximately two to three years. The battery is guaranteed for a period of one year but this warranty is conditional to the battery being used as designed.

Low Battery

A fully functional battery will last between 4 to 6 hours depending on the number of zones your alarm system has. If your alarm system is warning you of a low battery condition shortly after, or during a power failure, it means there is insufficient charge to retain the systems integrity.

Beagle Watch issues system generated SMSs on low battery warnings as well as letters on imminent system failure to customers experiencing these complications. 

Be Aware Of Workers In Your Area

It is well known that when there is building activity in an area crime increases. Please take the following precautions:

Be alert and aware when entering and leaving your premises

Vary your routine when workmen are around

Examine any vulnerable areas around your property

Do not employ temporary staff

Limit workmen’s exposure to your property and work out which areas they are allowed access to

Lock doors and close curtains so that valuable items are not visible

Lock away valuables, including garden equipment

Do not allow animals to become friendly with workers


Guy Fawkes Day and Diwali are exciting events for those who celebrate these festivities, however most pets are severely distressed by the noise associated with fireworks.

During these festivities keep all pets safely confined indoors. We suggest that the television or radio be left on at normal volumes to soften the loud bangs coming from outside. If you usually keep your pets outdoors, you should consider bringing them inside as an extra security measure and to prevent them escaping your property.

Consult your veterinarian if your pet is distressed by loud noises like fireworks. There are a number of ways they can help.

Dog Poisoning : Once poisoned, dogs foam at the mouth, their pupils constrict to pin point size, severe vomiting and diarrhoea can occur and they can also experience stomach cramps. Time is of the essence.

Contact your nearest vet or emergency vet and take your animal to them as soon as possible. If you have more than one dog, take them all at the same time to get examined as they may also have ingested the poison.

Dog poisoning is often an indication that criminals are trying to gain access to your home, so be especially vigilant in the days following a dog poisoning.

Report the poisoning to the police. Insist on opening a case of malicious damage to property and cruelty to animals.

The SPCA also needs to be notified as they compile statistical data on dog poisoning.

Domestic Workers and your Security

Ensure that you have copies of all your domestic staff (part time employees included) Identity Document, home address and a clear photograph of each on record in a secure place.

Security education for your domestic worker is critical to the overall security plan for your home. Always let your domestic worker carry a panic button which they should use if they feel that a situation requires it.

Gate Security

Mounting bolts need to be welded to prevent the casing from being undone and the motor stolen. One should not be able to lift the gate off the rails therefore an anti-lift bracket should be fitted to prevent this happening.

A locking bracket should be added over the gate motor to prevent it from being stolen and the clutch should be locked via means of a padlock.

House Robberies

House robberies have increased significantly in Gauteng.

As a result of high walls with electrified fencing, beams and alarm systems, and the affluence of some area, criminals know that the bounty behind the wall is substantial. As a result, the incidents of armed house robberies is on the increase. Criminals are willing to take high risks for which they expect high returns.

Other factors which play a role in reducing risk

  1. Ensure you have a well illuminated roadside and entrance. Street lights are not adequate or reliable providers of lighting.
  2. Ensure that your entrance is clear of vegetation and other structures which make hiding possible.
  3. Install a CCTV camera at the entrance to your property to monitor activity in this area before you leave the property or while receiving visitors.
  4. Whilst waiting for your gate to open to gain entry, never wait in the driveway as you are then trapped. Rather wait in the roadway.
  5. Make use of the Beagle Watch escort service whenever you are unsure of your safety.
  6. Do not have your gate set on an automatic closing. The time delay in closing can make it possible for unauthorised persons to gain access to your property.


At Beagle Watch we are particularly concerned about the unacceptable level of violent crime in our areas of operation and would like to warn everyone to be extra vigilant when entering and leaving your premises. Importantly, please warn domestic workers to be vigilant when coming and going as they often fall victim as they commute on foot. In addition, please ensure that your domestic workers have panic buttons and they have these on their person, especially when entering and leaving your premises.

Make sure your entrances are unobstructed by vegetation and are well lit so that you have a clear view of the entrance to your property.

Testing Your Alarm System

It is important that you test your alarm system regularly to ensure that it is operating properly and communicating with our control room.
As with all electrical equipment, defects and malfunctions can occur and testing your system allows for timely detection of problems.

Types of criminals

It is a fact that there are both well-organised gangs as well as opportunistic criminals. In many cases, they have inside information whilst others merely capitalise on opportunities that arise. The criminals range from sophisticated syndicates who do not want to harm anyone – they merely want to take what they came for, to those who are callous, violent criminals. The problem is however, that one never knows which type you are dealing with when faced by them.

The most important things to remember if faced by an armed criminal are:

  1. Stay calm and handover anything they want without hesitation.
  2. Avoid eye contact and never try to physically or verbally attack them.



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