Armed home intrusions and driveway robberies

How to prevent becoming a victim

How are these criminals gaining access into properties?

The following are examples of methods being used to gain access into properties:


When domestic workers enter or leave the property, robbers pounce and force their way in.


When home owners arrive back home from shopping, especially on Saturdays, they are followed into the property. This suggests that some targets are followed home from local shopping centres.


When visitors arrive, they accompany them under duress, into the property.


Garden taps are opened by criminals as they know it is only a matter of time before you realise the tap is running and venture out to close it.


When opening the gate to put the wheelie bins out for collection.


In cases where perimeter security is weak, criminals jump over walls and wait for you to return home. Once you arrive, they pounce when you leave your vehicle.


Forcing gates open:

Swing gates, these are forced open by causing the inner arms to bend thus opening enough to allow for a person to enter.


Sliding gates - these are either lifted off the track or the geared rail is broken off the gate allowing the gate to be opened.



Do's and don'ts when faced by intruders

Listed hereunder are the most important do's and don'ts to remember if you do fall victim to a house robbery:


Offer no resistance to the attackers unless you have a real chance of repelling them. Remember there are always more members of the gang than you know about - they often have unseen accomplices outside who are armed and will not hesitate to use violence should the need arise.

Do not make any sudden movements - keep still and move only when instructed to do so.

Try and remain calm and comply with the attackers instructions immediately - household goods are replaceable. The longer attackers remain in your home the greater the risk of other crimes being committed.

Keep quiet - robbers will use any means possible to ensure that they are undetected. Those who make a noise risk being dealt with severely.

Do not look at the attackers in the face - look away from them and when lying down, close your eyes.

Answer their questions honestly - if they find that you have lied, they might assume you have lied about other issues too. This can cause retaliatory attacks.

Teach children to lie down, keep quiet and still under all circumstances. If possible, teach them to hide under their beds and keep quiet.

This is typically the season in which we see an increase in home and driveway robberies (theft with the threat of violence). A contributing factor is shopping for the festive season draws criminals to shopping centres to monitor your shopping activities.

These types of crimes are difficult to combat as in most cases criminals use vehicles which are legitimate so as not to raise suspicions. In a recent arrest, an Uber driver together with two accomplices were arrested for an armed robbery. Thanks to our extensive CCTV camera coverage, we were able to identify the vehicle used which enabled the police to arrest all three criminals.

  • Modus operandi of house robbers

    Observation of the target:

    In the vast majority of house robberies, the target is monitored closely in order to establish patterns prior to the robbery actually taking place. Criminals have scouts at shopping centres who are on the look-out for shoppers wearing expensive jewellery and whether purchases are made at jewellery stores.

    In some cases, they have contacts who, using your licence plate information, provide gang members with your address who wait for you at home so as to prevent being detected following you home.

    Inside information:

    A very worrying fact is that in over 80% of attacks, inside information has been provided by an inside source. This is hard to believe but research conducted by Rudolf Zinn and reported in his book "Home invasion - Robbers disclose what you should know", provided very interesting information on a number of important facts.

    Time of attacks:

    Most of the current attacks are taking place during daylight but after hours' attacks do occur. It would appear that the attackers favour times when your alarm system is disarmed.

  • Goods being targeted

    Robbers favour high value items such as flat screen TV's, laptops, cellular telephones, Hi-Fi equipment, jewellery, cash and firearms. The volume of goods is limited by their getaway means. Clothing and bulky items are last on their list.

  • Making their getaway

    In the majority of cases, the robbers have their own getaway vehicle. In some cases, the robbers will take a vehicle from the premises.

  • Demands made on victims

    Victims report being forced to lie on the ground and not look at the attackers.

    Threats of violence are used in order to get victims to comply with their demands for information. These threats are carried out when victims fail to adhere promptly to their demands.

    Information is sought from victims regarding the whereabouts of cash, valuable and keys for the safe.

  • Prevention is better than cure

    There are many homes which are criminal friendly which increases the risk of being targeted by house robbers. Detailed hereunder are some important tips of making your home less criminal friendly.

    The entrance:

    Make use of the meet and greet service when in any doubt or when you feel unsure.
    Your home entrance should be clear of any foliage that would make it possible for criminals to hide.
    The entrance to your home should be well illuminated.
    Your gate design should not allow for the gear rail to be accessed from outside the property.
    Anti-lift brackets are required to prevent the gate from being lifted off the rail.
    Ensure you have a gate guardian installed to warn you and us of any unauthorised access to you home.

    Using your alarm at night:

    Ensure that your alarm system is armed at night.

    What devices are available to protect me?

    • We have unique technology which allows us to detect intruders in your home whilst you are at home - owing to the sensitivity of this solution, please contact us for more detailed information.
    • Install perimeter detection (outside beams) to warn of an attempted attack.
    • Install an electrified fence to keep people out of your property and ensure it is linked to us for monitoring and response services.
    • Install CCTV cameras to make it possible to see your entire gate area. These should be linked to a monitor in the garage to view before leaving your premises. These can also be monitored on your smart phone from anywhere in the world.


    What about my staff?

    Conduct a police clearance on all staff employed on your property. In addition, ensure that you have a copy of all staff's identity documents and a recent photo. These should be stored off site.

  • What should I watch out for?

    • Be aware of being followed home - if in doubt, drive past your home and double back. If you are being followed this will be evident if the vehicle mimics your actions.
    • Anyone hanging around your gate and even up to 100m away should be treated as suspicious - call the Monitoring Centre to investigate.
    • Trust your gut instinct - if you are suspicious about anything, call our Monitoring Centre and have one of our friendly Response Officer's investigate.